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This is not an easy issue to tackle. The main reason being is that everyone seems to have the terms attracting and baiting mixed up.

There is a difference between attracting and baiting hogs.
 Attracting hogs is most often what hunters want to do. To attract is to bring a hog where hogs are not presently roaming with the aid of aroma based products.  Food based products are a waist of time and money when it comes to attracting hogs! They do not work accept when hogs have been previously introduced to the aroma your using AND have learned to associate that aroma to CORN.

  It is clearly my experience, through studies, that hogs FIND BAIT because they stumble onto it BY CHANCE. NOT because they smell it. That's why I have so many times claimed, that the location chosen for baiting hogs is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT because hogs are not attracted by smell. They must locate the bait by chance!!! Even when attractants and baits were placed just a few yards from a trail hogs WOULD NOT FIND IT!! I would have to put the bait directly on the trail before the hogs would find it!! These facts are very important and need to be remembered when setting up a feeder or bait station.

Furthermore, when it comes to baits, hogs prefer fresh clean corn strait from the bag PERIOD. HOGS ALWAYS CHOOSE TO EAT FRESH CORN OVER SOURED CORN. COONS ARE MORE ATTRACTED to flavored/soured corn than hogs are!!! So, why waist your time and money??

Flavored or soured corn do have a good use. That use would be for a cover scent, it's very useful in that way.

IN CLOSING, if hogs are not frequenting your area attractants with powerful aromas will not bring them in. It takes patience and time. Not expensive attractants like some with the HOG, WILD or COCAINE on them {smile}. None of them or quick fixes or miracle cures.